5 things every 9–5er should know

Sumeet Ninawe
6 min readOct 14, 2023

9–5 is not a bad thing, but losing yourself into it is. A view for those who are and are not yet pursuing their own thing.

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This post is not meant to wrongly encourage anybody to take drastic decisions in their work life. If you understand this language, then keep these points to yourself, and use them to push you in your hustle to break through this cycle.

These are not steps to follow or any procedure to achieve some static result. This is a mindset and all the points tie into each other, or have some overlap with each other.

It is good, for a while.

I myself owe a lot to all the 9–5 jobs I did in the last decade. It has helped me gain stability for my family. Sacrifice would not be a lesser word to describe the time, energy, and intellect I spent during that time. That too, for someone else’s benefit who lived in a different continent altogether. That someone, who already had enough to feed a village (and they still didn’t).

Getting whatever salary I got paid during that time was peanuts against everything I gave. But this statement is not entirely true. Apart from salary I did get those life lessons as well. Even today I am grateful for those opportunities and lessons which made me understand the gap between what I want, and where I need to head. Settling in 9–5 was not the destination for me. I would go a step ahead and say — it should not be for anyone.

It is a means, so use it as a means to something else.

After a few years of hustle, I am finally in a position where I can give less funks about the “job”. And I will, at the right time. Before you start accusing me of being a hypocrite, let me again highlight the mindset and the options I have. Some call it a sweet-spot, I call it power and ownership of my life.

You need to own your life.

God forbid if you were to lose your job tomorrow, would you be worried?

If you answered yes, then the bad news is you are not the owner of your life. Wake up.

If you answered no — without fooling yourself, then I don’t need to wake you up.

The point is, 9–5 often comes with a set of rules, and one of the rules says…



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